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At Capulana Association we believe that together we can contribute for the construction of a better future.

In addition to the Education and Food that we want to guarantee to the children and young people of Aldeia de Ndivinduane – the mother project of our Association – we want to contribute to an ever higher quality teaching, promoting different formations for teachers and community leaders. There are several projects related to issues such as Premarital Marriage, Premarital Pregnancy, Social Entrepreneurship and training in the Health Area, which we have in hand and that we want to promote between Portugal and Mozambique.

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Education is the only means for the sustainable development of any person, or community; because this is what we believe in, we want to continue working and cooperating from Portugal to Mozambique.

Do you also believe? Get to know our projects, participate in our initiatives … Take part! All the little help counts to make a difference.

Every donation will have a direct impact on the lives of children and young people in Mozambique. All the little help counts to make a difference.