What We Did

Our experience.

Dúzia ao Oitavo

Twelve teenagers, girls and boys, wanted to contradict the cycle of school dropout in Ndivinduane Village. Finished the 7th grade in the school of their village, they manifasted their interested to continue to study, passing 8th grade, or going through a professional course. This wish, made us launch the "A Dozen to Eighth" campaign: along one month, throught the crowdfunding platform PPL we funded the necessary funds to finance 6 months of education and accomodation of these 12 students.

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Training in Lisbon

In January, during the break of the final academic year in Mozambique, by invitation of Associação Capulana, we had a visit of two mozambicans in Portugal, for two weeks of training and to get to know a little more about our country.

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