Who We Are

Associação Capulana is born from the initiative of a group of people committed to develop the cooperation in Portugal and Mozambique.

“Some of us were born and raised in Mozambique, where we were very happy, we had the best times of our lives. We have a great debt a huge debt of gratitude to the country and its people – and we are conscious that we would not be the persons we are if we hadn’t lived there.”

Initially, as a contribute to Mozambique – “for all the good things we got there” – , Capulana helps to create more oportunities to the children and young people of Mozambique and Portugal, because Capulana believes in Education as the mean to develop all the people.

From Portugal, we want to contribute to the development and cooperation between both countries. We firmly believe that together we can build a better future.

Do you believe it too? Get to know our history and join Capulana.

Your help will always make a big difference.