Values and Our Motivation


Commitment with Education to end poverty.

Respect for the Communities with which we work and for our partners, taking into account their cultural, political and religious diversity.

Respect for gender differences, ethnicity, race, and people with physical and / or mental disabilities.

Valorization and promotion of human rights.

Integrity and transparency in all procedures.

Our Motivation

What moves us?

“How can someone be happy while all the others are unhappy?”

This sentence is inspired on the UBUNTU, African life philosophy that teaches that the individual rights, the needs and responsibilities are subordinated to the needs of the community.

Yu u nobuntu”  is the best complement anyone can make. It means a friendly, kind, cheerful and charitable person. “ Someone that uses her strengh for the others – the weak, the poor and the sick – and doesn’t take advantage of noone”, explains the Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

“By doing this, my humanity is recognised, and for that, remains forever connected to the others … to be human we need other humans …  and since we need one anpther, our natural reaction is to be cooperant and useful”.

We wish to be happy and we are committed in making the others happier by creating something reliable, sustainable and capable of helping to diminish poverty and hunger.

We believe that it is possible to change the course of things if we motivate children, youngsters and adults to attend school.

To Educate is to transform, it’s developing people, it’s broaden horizons.